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How to get a ShantiNiketan Community in your town

ShantiNiketan (SN) is feasible in many cities around the US, where a substantial number of Indians, retired or close to retirement, live and feel the need to live in a ShantiNiketan kind of community which gives them an opportunity to live among other Indians of their own age, and also the mundane chores of everyday living like cooking, housekeeping, etc are taken care of.
Over the years many people have been asking us to develop a SN in their town.
We can come and develop a SN in your town, if the following is true:
To develop a 100 Condo project (suggested minimum):
1. At least 25-30 persons in that area, who want to live in that SN, are willing to put down the cost upfront as capital required to start the project. This cost will approximately be what an average home of 1,200 sqft (plus clubhouse) would cost in that area (eg $200,000 in Tavares, FL). These 25-30 people (early buyers/investors) would also get a share of the profits (which typically works out to approximately 10% per annum) on their investment from the time of investment till the time of delivery of their condo.
2. Land is available at a reasonable price in the desired location with water and sewer, and the city is willing to approve the development of an Active Adult Community in that land.
3. We can identify a Joint Venture partner in the town. The JV partner would be someone who is familiar with or have done developments in the past. SN will share our profits with that JV partner.
4. A meeting of all the interested persons should first be convened to determine the actual/real interest of the people in that area. We will come and make a presentation and assess the feasibility of the project. 
5. Once you have an initial core group of at least 10 people who are committed to and are willing and able to put down the cost of their condo upfront, let us know and we will take it up from there.
Let us know if the above considerations are feasible in your location, and we will schedule a conference call with the core people.
Please fill in the Contact Us page and include a note in there about your interest and we will get in touch with you.

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